Product Conditions

New, Old or New Old?

As so many of the items we sell are either old, out-of-print or pre-owned it is important for us to use some sort of reliable scale to give an indication of the condition. A book may have sat on the shelf in a shop for 20 years – but it can still be described as new. Equally, many of the items we have traced were once used as review samples. The box may have been opened and the contents examined but not played.

Ultimately, the question is has the product been used for the purpose it was intended? For example, has the boardgame been played? Has the book been read. If the answer to this is no then it can still be described as new.

  • New: A brand new, unopened item.
  • New (Opened): A new item which has been opened. This may just be the removal of the celophane wrapping.
  • New (Old): A new item which is showing some signs of age.
  • New (Review Sample): A new item which has been opened and examined. In some instances the contents may have been separated from their original supports/sprues/cards. In all other respects the condition of the components is as close to new as is possible.
  • Used: An item that has been used to some degree.

In all cases, and where necessary, we will always provide notes on the condition of thge item. It will be as detailed as deemed necessary. If the description is short then there simply isn’t anything to say. However, please be assured it is never our intention to mislead or pass something off as new when it clearly is not. If in doubt, ask!


Always study the accompanying photos. What You See Is What You Get!